Since I haven’t done a webcomic in a while I’ve decided to do one, however this one will be a bit difficult to explain…

Okay, picture this: You have Cabbage Patch doll that your parents bought from ToyRUs and gave to you. You loooove this doll! You play with it and take it everywhere, never let it out of your sight. Now there’s another doll that your grandma passed down to you- old doll, really detailed – vintage lace and all; it’s so antique that you put it in a glass case. You don’t play with it, you don’t carry it around with you, but you look at it and love it. The rag doll is other comics and the old doll is HERO . I’m not saying that the Cabbage Patch doll is bad/lesser (you loooove it, remember?) it’s just that HERO is unique. And I sorta used tha example because I haven’t checked in on HERO for so long (but I remembered it) just like I’m sorta using this post so that I’ll remember to keep checking in on it.

HERO is surreal, like Rice Boy surreal, in the story telling and the art. It’s kinda hard to explain (made all the worse by me not checking in on it for so long). The summary is “HERO is a story about a perfectly ordinary boy with no memory of the past and no urgency for the future; who one day accepts a most extraordinary offer to travel to distant places and invisible cities,” but it’s so much more than that. You start at the beginning of the boy’s story but it’s the middle of everyone else’s; you use the stories people tell to piece together the past. It’s a patchwork of all the character’s stories and they twist together to creates a beautiful quilt mosaic (hah! look at me being poetic! what can I say – I’m a visual thinker). And have I mentioned the BEEEA-U-TI-FUL art!!

Three main characters are:
The boy who isn’t perfectly ordinary, hasn’t got a name, but he may have been the golem Eira. Valentine is a demon who takes the boy on a journey to see cities and used to know Eira (likes him but killed him complicated relationship), and there’s Duck who is the duck/motorcycle. There’s humor and drama, something for everyone!

Also, it’s not a silent comic. Move your mouse over the panels to see the script. Awes~ome!!